Creating an unparalleled customer and employee loyalty experience.

All-in-one solution that drives customer engagement, brand loyalty and showroom traffic.

With Incentivefox, there's no pain, and everything to gain.

Incentivefox Referral and Incentive Management Platform

How it Works

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Auto Dealership Referral Program
Grow Your Referral Business
Dealership Customer Gift Card Rewards

Create an incentive offer around your dealership ' needs.

Referral Reward*

Test Drive*

Be Back*

Customer Loyalty

Engage your prospects and customers with unique digital promotions.

Influence prospects and customers behavior during and after the customer journey.
Incentivefox Referral Program and Mobile Apps for Auto Dealerships
DMS CRM Integration for Referral Program Automation

and CRM Integrated

We push every lead into your CRM allowing sales people to follow up with prospects within seconds. Once sold, they're welcomed to your rewards program within 24 hours so the engagement never stops.

Analytics to drive better decisions.

Track Sales Leads By Source. Learn when and where prospects and customers are engaging with your incentives. Enabling you to make better decisions and most importantly, increase your ROI.
Customer Referral Sales Leads
Successful Dealership Referrals Sales Leads

You'll Always Know
When to Pay

There's no more guessing, you'll always know when a customer needs to be rewarded.

Turn Insight
Into Action

Incentivefox enables you to improve customer & prospect engagement by tracking their interactions with your brand.

Grow Your Dealerships Referral Business Incentivefox Analytics Referral Program Tracking and Reporting

Reward customers in less than a minute.

The incentivefox platform handles everything from processing to fulfillment to ensure your customers receive your customized Visa® Prepaid Card.
Auto Dealership Gift Cards
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