Where are you looking to improve?

Grow Your Referral Business*

We have brought your out-of-date referral program into the digital world, by automating the entire process. With lead to sale tracking, automation, analytics, reporting and marketing you will be able to turn your customers, friends, family and employees in constant revenue generators.
Dealership Automated Customer Referral Marketing Program
Test Drive Offer Widget Pop Up Overlay

Increase Showroom Visits*

Drive more showroom visits with an attractive test drive incentive overlay designed to motivate your anonymous website visitors to stop by your showroom for a test drive complete with tracking and analytics to discover your closing rates.

Close More Deals*

Incentivize your potential customers to give your dealership another chance after they leave your dealership through a trackable BeBack Program.
Dealership BeBack Program
Incentives Customer Retention Plans

Retain Your Customer Base*

It costs 10 times as much to obtain a new customer as it does to retain an existing customer.1 Delight & excite your customers with enjoyable engagement experiences when you utilize the incentivefox platform for contests, local charity events, service specials and time sensitive promotions. Send out a thank you, happy birthday or goodwill reward with just 3 clicks.

Boost Employee Engagement*

Your employees are the backbone of your company, create a reward program that engages and grows loyal employee & brand relationships, improves customer service, and motivates behaviors that drive better business.
Employee Retention

Mobilize Your Dealership**

Incentivefox mobile apps are packed with features fit for your customer’s busy lives and bursting with incentive offers to motivate constant interaction and enjoyment.