4 Easy Ways to Find Your Top Brand Champions

4 Easy Ways to Find Your Top Brand Champions...

the ones that will promote your business and help you grow it.

Have you ever wondered which of your customers would gladly send you referrals or who is currently sending you referrals? These are two crucial pieces of intel you’ll need when looking to start increasing customer referrals, word of mouth and overall customer retention and loyalty. 

Why? Because only 30% of companies have a formalized referral program, despite the fact that those that did experienced 86% more revenue growth over a two-year period. If you can use a proven technique that your competition isn't - you're going to surpass them. It's that simple, right?  Referral programs not only drive more quality leads to your store but these leads, who are referred, are 4-5x more likely to refer their friends and family and have a 25% higher lifetime value. This cycle allows your customers to become your most effective (and least expensive) lead generating sources. 

Here are 4 easy-to-implement methods to assist in finding your most loyal customers - the ones you want to ask for referrals and/or invite into your exclusive brand champion club. The customers that will be easily nurtured into brand advocates who drive ready-to-buy customers right to your store.

  1. Social Listening

    1. Which customers frequently engage with your shared content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Do you have an active list of these potential brand champions along with their contact information AND PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT*?

  2. Talk to Your Team

    1. Who are their happiest customers? Do those customers have a story they’d like to share?

    2. Have them bring you a list of the last 5 customers that had an excellent experience with them. Then, have them reach out to those customers with a genuine thank you requesting a simple and earnest referral.

  3. Find Your Community-based Groups

    1. Little league, religious groups, children’s sports, local hospitals – these are the groups that you are probably already involved with, but not optimizing your relationship.

    2. A nice picture of the team and your donation in your service waiting area is great, but this is a network of people that harbor promising relationships - you can help them find a vehicle or service they need and they can drive revenue for you.


  4. Explore your Own Data

    1. Which customers have given stellar reviews? Would they like to be featured in a video series?

    2. Which of your customers have bought 2+ vehicles?

    3. Which customers are loyal service center users?

Once you dig through these gold mines, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions...

  1. When is the last time someone checked in on this customer? Personally, not through automation.

  2. Do you currently have any scheduled plans for thanking these customers for their loyalty?

  3. What kind of reward do you want to give for referrals?

  4. How can you best collect referrals?

  5. How can you best manage and track a referral/rewards program?

  6. And how can you ensure that your customers are rewarded efficiently and on time?

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers."

- Shiv Singh - Visa Senior Vice President Innovation & Strategic Partnerships

If you're selling a great product or offering a great service - and your business is moving along - you already have customers who would happily become your brand champions - but they have no idea that the offer, or the option, is there. Find them, make it known and watch your revenue grow while you excel past your competition!

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