14 Amazing Ways to Reward Your Employees

The year is 2019, can you believe it? And as we look back on 2018, we couldn’t help but feel nostalgia for all the fun we had partnering with dealerships, insurance agencies and small businesses all over the country to help create stronger customer relationships through retention, referral and reward programs. We also launched our full-blown employee referral and rewards programs this year to improve employee motivation, retention and value. Companies need to retain their strongest team members who help bolster a customer focused culture but oftentimes, companies are so busy focusing on the customer they forget to appreciate their most valuable asset, their team members.

Recognition in the workplace is crucial to keeping employees motivated and on-board but it is not always clear how employees want that recognition showcased. Each person values different positive reinforcement and that is why we have made a list of 14 amazing ways to reward your employees.

  1. Thank You Meeting

  2. Certificate of Achievement

  3. Recognition in front of Peers

  4. Monetary Rewards

  5. Vacation Day

  6. Lunch On Us

  7. Company Apparel

  8. Events

  9. Work From Home

  10. Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

  11. Team Outtings

  12. Bring Your Pets

  13. Charitable Donations

  14. Summer Hours