Reviews - An Open Forum for Interaction AND Lead Generation

Go beyond Brand Awareness when you utilize Reviews for Lead Generation

Use the 3 steps below to supercharge your review channels to collect referrals.


Do you remember the last time you saw a friend pick up a phone book to find a local business? It’s probably been awhile since you saw someone flip through a newspaper to find a roofer or a new dentist.

While each of those tactics was once successful to guide customers to a business, the information available was driven by the business to ensure they were seen by potential customers. The issue is, they did not offer the opportunity for the company to communicate it’s culture, expertise or the reputation they had built through their customers.

When society was reliant upon the now outdated methods of business discovery, consumers were also unable to quickly access outside opinions of either praise or criticism of a business. Unfortunately, during that time, business to consumer communication was typically a one-way street. Who among us doesn’t have a very opinionated aunt, neighbor or co-worker who has a bad experience everywhere they go? Remember, today this can be done both online and by word of mouth.

Reviews are becoming increasingly important, and studies tell us that the majority of people seek them out before spending their hard earned money. According to Forbes, 90% of consumers read online reviews before choosing a business. Reviews create a first impression establish relevance and confirm legitimacy., Often we don’t recognize how important reviews are for showcasing an open forum between a business and its customers. This level of communication is helping to shape the course of business.

How do we start and maintain the important process of interaction that brings about engagement? Let’s make it simple and break it down into three easy steps.


Step 1:  Ask for Reviews.

People need to be prompted to review a business and are usually asked more than once. There are many ways to ensure the review process is being managed, and reviews are being collected, but best practice would be to hire an expert platform like Podium. Podium processes, obtains, verifies and manages reviews seamlessly and efficiently. Utilizing brand advocacy software that collects reviews can propel your business forward, as many companies rely on these sites for verified business-to-business reviews.

Step 2: Commit to Interact.

Businesses must be committed to interacting with their reviews on a timely basis regardless of their content. We cannot expect that a review will always be positive. It should come as no surprise that , a customer may be dissatisfied with their experience. These interactions can become some of your best opportunities. Negative reviews are a great way to show positive, informative and interesting dialogue between a business and the consumer. For example, Podium enables employees to manage this interaction in one centralized platform, providing simplicity and efficiency to the customer experience.


Step 3: Realize the Potential.

When you commit to reviews, you will realize just how powerful your customer’s positive word can be. Review’s take these interactions beyond pleasantries and allow for an opportunity to re-engage your customer and become a lead generation source. When you have a satisfied customer on your hands who is willing to take the time to give a review, you’ve got a customer primed for referrals. Use your response to let your customer know you appreciate their time and that you would love to treat their friends and family to the same amazing experience..


Take control of your brand. Communicate openly with customers and see the benefits of this interaction not only in loyalty, but in sales. Customers are out there. Make your previous customers, work for you!