5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Customer Experiences for a Competitive Advantage

In the current marketplace, consumers have endless options and they can get to them with just two clicks on their mobile device. Having the lowest prices, constant advertising and even influencers touting your products and services aren’t enough to win your ideal customer’s business anymore. It takes a personalized, customer-focused approach to build true brand loyalty. That’s why having a top-level customer service experience is crucial for companies hoping to maintain a competitive edge in the upcoming years. Check out these 15 wild customer retention facts to learn more.

But where do you start when you’re looking to improve your customer experience and retention? We have 5 simple ways to improve customer experiences and retention below.

5 Customer Experience Tips for a Competitive Advantage

Ask for feedback

No one understands what your customer needs or wants better than your own customer. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey is a reliable way to measure customer loyalty. It asks customers how likely they are to refer your business to others. If you allow for open responses, customers can expand on their rating with specific pain points and suggestions that may give you a fresh perspective and ensure your customers know that you care about their opinions, needs and goals.

Add value through products and services

Of course your products and services have value. It’s why you have customers but stale features in your products or services will be trampled by ingenuity in the marketplace.

By having the option for customers to submit their ideas, feedback and opinions you can begin creating a development roadmap. You’ll gain visibility into the most common requests and be able to make future decisions around those leading suggestions and requests.

Cultivate Relationships

Without relationships, what would your business be? By making sure your customers and employees feel understood, you encourage them to give honest feedback and help you grow. Cultivating relationships can transpire in many forms. Surveys, appreciation sales,  personalized marketing messages, detailed customer history for when issues arise. The more detailed you can be in your relationship, the more they’ll be committed to your product or services which creates success for you.

Reward Loyalty

Your customers have plenty of choices and there are multiple companies with great customer service and great products, so how can you stand out even more? Customers enrolled in a loyalty program visit a company’s site 35 percent more frequently. (Thanx)

Track Loyalty

The power to track your loyal customers is available. When you are able to see who these loyal customers are by frequency or even referrals, you can hyper-personalize their marketing messages and send thank you’s for their loyalty. Check out the Incentivefox’s analytics breakdown to see what our clients are tracking today.