Bettenhausen Automotive Referral Program Case Study

A referral program needs 3 specific ingredients for success at any dealership; a great product, impeccable customer service, and a platform that makes the referral process incredibly simple for dealership and customer alike. Bettenhausen Automotive is no stranger to customer referrals. Having been Chicagoland’s only “One Price” Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram Dealer, Bettenhausen has achieved explosive growth and with that, a loyal customer base that sends friends and family members to the dealership daily... but tracking, managing and optimizing on their referrals was becoming too cumbersome in-house and slowing down brand advocates continuous referring efforts, which is why Bettenhausen chose to partner with Incentivefox to create their custom automated referral rewards program.

“It’s even beyond the trackable features, the power of someone bringing out their Personalized Bettenhausen Visa® Prepaid Card at the bar or the store and grabbing someone else’s attention each time is what we really find exciting and beyond valuable. And our top salesperson sold around 340 vehicles last year and he had the MOST referrals in the platform, coincidence? I think not.” -Jack Cochonour


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