A Dealership Loyalty program that your customers will actually use. 

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Ongoing promotions

From in-store to digital promotions, Incentivefox partners with you and your teams to advertise your service loyalty program across all of your channels.

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Reward amounts are chosen by you and are then automatically added to the customers reward card when their service is complete. 



TRACK & optimize

You can track your most loyal customers and which rewards are generating the most retention and repeat customers. Your customers will also be able to view all of the rewards they've received. 

Step 1: Ongoing Promotions


Incentivefox sends our monthly reminder emails about your service loyalty program to your customer base.


We create custom branded social media creative to use across all of your social media channels.


We partner with your website provider, ad agency and internal team to ensure your program is marketed across the board. 


You will have a dedicated success manager who tracks your program. 


Step 2: Rewards

Percentage Based

You can choose what percentage you want your customers to receive back onto their reward card and if they have to spend a certain amount to receive rewards.

Reward Automation

Incentivefox handles all of the reward deliveries and fulfillment. 

Updated Notifications

Your customer and your team will receive an update email notification to inform them that their card has been successfully loaded with reward dollars. 

Multiple Programs

Your custom reward card can be used for any of the other available Incentivefox programs as well. 



Step 3: Track & Optimize

Most Loyal Customers

Discover your most loyal customers, you can track their visits, total spend and ROI. 

Customer Profiles

Your customers will be able to review all of the reward dollars they've collected which motivates them to stay loyal. 

Retention and Growth

Begin to track your repeat and retention growth on the dashboard. 


More service retention.