The Incentivefox team will create a custom incentive plan based on your goals.

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The Incentivefox team creates a custom promotional campaign across all of your channels to empower your customers to become your most powerful sales channel.

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Collect leads and supercharge your promotions with an enticing incentive that customers actually want. A company branded, reloadable Visa® Prepaid Card.



Discover your most loyal customers, top performers, and ROI through the Incentivefox Dashboard and power all of your other incentive programs.

Step 1 - Develop

We begin the incentive plan development by discussing your specific goals whether it's more showroom traffic, employee engagement or better customer appreciation. We then find an incentive that works best for your goals and then devise a promotional plan.  The program is tailored to your store to create a cohesive and positive brand experience for your audience. 

  • Variety of Incentives that allow you to have flexible and discover what will motivate your audience.
  • Streamlined Promotional efforts across the specific channel. 
  • Your success manager will guide you through best practices


Step 2 - Promote

Your Incentivefox Success Manager will be there with you every step of the way giving best practices and helping you optimize your program throughout all the departments in your store. 


    Step 3 - Track

    You can log into the Incentivefox dashboard to get an overview of your program's results. You also receive email and text notifications with lead and program updates.  

    • CRM integration allows you to discover how your incentivefox programs are performing. 
    • Easy-to-use Dashboard for tracking program success and confirming customer and employee rewards



    Live Client Programs

    BeBacks & Point of Sale

    Use your reward card as a powerful BEBACK offer or closing tactic. 


    Event Promos & Test Drives

    Entice customers to stop in for a test drive and their chance to win anywhere from $5 - $1,000 when you order cards for event promotions.

    Employee Rewards

    You're already spiffing your employees in cash or onto their checks. Instead turn your employees into brand advocates when you spiff them onto a company branded card and they bring it around town. It's an unparalleled brand awareness product. 


    Got an angry customer? Resolve the issue and give them something that will make them brag about you. Load $10 onto the card as a thank you for their business and understanding. 

    Customer Appreciation

    Go above and beyond for your loyal customers birthday. 


    Host Facebook Giveaways and Contests like "Guess the Score" to drive social engagement and customer interactions