How does it work?


Give a great experience and earn $200


Do you know anyone looking for a new vehicle? Please provide their contact information and we'll reach out.


We will schedule a test drive with your referral and try to find the perfect vehicle for their needs.


You'll receive your reward dollars loaded on your own personalized Prepaid Card for each referral that purchases a vehicle...

Keep your card safe! All your rewards will be loaded onto it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the rewards program?

Anyone can join our referral program! Whether you’re a current customer, previous customer, service customer, friend, family member, employee or an avid fan, we appreciate you spreading the word about i_5 Motors.

Can my referral just walk in?

No, you will need to submit all of your referrals through this website or the landing page if you want to receive your reward! If they are not submitted, they cannot be tracked and rewarded through our new program.

When can I expect my reward?

Rewards will be paid out once your referral's sale is finalized. You will receive a notification email that will inform you about your reward status. You will receive your first reward in the mail in about 10-14 business days AFTER finalization. Every reward after that will be loaded directly onto your reward card.

What happens if I lose my card?

Please keep your card safe! If you lose your card, you can call card services at 1-800-798-4104. You will be charged a reissue fee of $10 that will be taken out of your balance through the issuing bank.

Still have questions? Please contact us at