Convert your highest quality, anonymous visitors into showroom traffic through interactive and engaging shopping experiences.

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Disclaimer: The demo must be completed with an interested party. Interested party must be affiliated with the Automotive Industry unless otherwise approved by Incentivefox. Incentivefox reserves the final decision to redeem or refuse any reward card, certificate or coupon. 


Increase showroom traffic with an enticing, mobile friendly, overlay offer.

Drive showroom visits with an enticing offer that requires customers to visit your store and take a test drive to receive their reward.

These offers are timed or exit intent, meaning we never bombard your users with an offer they aren’t ready for. 

With Incentivefox's platform, you'll be able to:

  • Collect more website leads

  • Collect more valuable information from your leads

  • Convert more website leads into showroom visitors

  • Follow up with cold or lost leads with the a reminder reward sent directly to them in the ail.

  • Create customer engagement offers

  • Receive reporting and analytics on ROI, lead attribution and more.


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