Our Team

Meet the Team.


Mark Tepper

Mark Tepper is the Chief Executive Officer of Incentivefox. 

Mark was successful in developing and managing prepaid cards from Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  He has built out multiple incentive campaigns for OEMs, including programs for all GM new car products and for specific brand campaigns including: Cadillac, Buick, Lincoln and VW, as well as various dealership programs across the United States and Canada.  



Rick Partyka is the President of Incentivefox.

Rick has over 8 years of experience in Finance Technology. He began his career with Bank of America where he was responsible for much of the technology that supported the Total Return Swap business. He also worked on many projects ensuring that the Bank was compliant with Governmental Regulations. 

Hugh Meadows

Hugh Meadows is the Chief Finance Officer of Incentivefox.

Tom Sheridan Headshot (1).JPEG


Tom Sheridan is the Chief Operating Officer of Incentivefox.

After spending 27 years in the Sports marketing and sales arena and with the completion of his 23rd season with the White Sox team, Tom decided to start the next chapter of his career with long-time friend Mark Tepper.



Michael SorensEn

Michael Sorensen is an Advisor for Incentivefox.



Lori Jadin is the Client Success Manager of Incentivefox.


debbie kelly

Debbie Kelly is the Graphic Designer of Incentivefox.

Debbie recently joined Incentivefox, excited and ready to bring her creative perspective to the team. One of her greatest life accomplishments was graduating Summa Cum Laude with her BFA in Graphic Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in April of 2017, while her children cheered her on. 


kristen tepper

Kristen Tepper is the Marketing Manager of Incentivefox.

She is focused on helping small businesses and dealerships improve their customer retention, employee relations, and increase referrals through digitized, streamlined and exciting incentive programs.  Kristen is a marketing and client operations management fanatic.