The Incentivefox Persona Marketing Survey works completely behind the scenes to empower your sales team to have more positive customer interactions, increase trust and close more deals, faster.

Enticing Offer

The persona survey will be integrated into your website but unlike a test drive offer or loud gimmick, it is marketed to the visitor as a way for you to improve your customer relationships and offers an enticing incentive with no purchase or visit necessary. 


Your visitor will take the 5 question, 60-second survey. At the end of the survey they will be asked if they are interested in a trade in or a test drive. You can offer an additional, optional offer for this visit to the dealership and information.  



The Decision Science technology works behind the scenes and then sends the customer profile results to your CRM. The profile results will indicate what topics drive a customers interest and notates conversations to avoid.  

Step 1: Enticing Offer

Incentive-Marketing-Popup-mockup-mac02-cropped (1).png

High Perceived value, low cost offers

To generate completed surveys Incentivefox's Decision Science tool uses a high perceived value incentive for the customer that doesn't break your bank. 

Integrated into your website

The overlay is integrated into your website with 2 simple lines of code. We work with your website provider to integrate. 

Custom Branded

The side bar and overlay are customized to your dealership.


Step 2: Simple Survey

5 non-invasive questions 

The survey asks 5 non-invasive questions. You can try the survey yourself and discover your customer type by clicking here.

60 Seconds

The survey only takes 60 seconds.

CRM integration

The customer profile type will be instantly sent to your CRM along with positive conversation starters and topics to avoid. 


Your customer will be instantly sent their reward to their email address.


Step 3: Quality Customer Information


Quality leads

When you receive your customer's profile, you'll know instantly what type of information increases their trust in you and what topics turn them off. You'll also know if they're in the market.

re-marketing opportunties

If the customer isn't in the market, you'll still be able to re-market to them with messaging that gains their trust vs. turns them off based on their customer profile. 

actionable insight 

You and your sales team. will now have insight into how each of your customers wants to be marketed to with positive conversation starters and conversation topics to avoid 

Improve your customer
interactions today.