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Perfect for

Perfect for businesses looking to run a simple program for customer and employee rewards.

Perfect for

A must-have for companies looking to improve their employee and customer relations through personalized offers and rewards.



Perfect for

Run multiple unique campaigns and ongoing program experiences for all your audiences. Supercharged with detailed analytics and reporting on top customers and top employees.

Available Features Include…

Multiple Campaigns, 1 Platform

Refer-a-Friend Program

Custom Incentive Campaigns

Employee Rewards & Spiffs

Customer Incentives

Service Loyalty

Persona Marketing Program

Employee Referral Program

Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Reputation improvement

Designated Success Coaching

Phone, Email & Chat Support

Team Onboarding Training

CRM and 3rd Party Lead Integration

Automated Payouts for Rewards

Website Lead Management

Referral Lead Management

Lead-to-Sale Match Technology

DMS Integration

On-Demand Reward Ordering

Custom Visa Prepaid Reward Card

Custom 5x7 Greeting Card Carrier

Personalized Visa Reward Cards

Reloadable Reward Technology

Digital Gift Cards and Programs

24/7/365 Reward Card Phone Support

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Accounting and Reports

Automated Email Campaigns

Landing Pages

Banner/Display Ads

Email Platform Support

In-Store Marketing Material

Smartphone Application (Automotive)

App Push Notifications

Social Media Creative

Web Panels

Text Alerts

Team Roles within Platform