Collect up to 10x more referrals.

  • Streamline the referral process by tracking customer lead generation to a closed deal.
  • Save time. Just 3 clicks to confirm successful referrals and send out rewards.
  • Activity-triggered communications keep advocates engaged and referring.
  • Over 80% of our client's referral leads are submitted on-the-go through their feature rich smartphone app.
  • Input verbal referrals directly into the platform to reduces barriers for advocates.
  • Remove operational hassles and improve marketing and accounting productivity.
  • Improve program performance with insight on sales team leaders to customer acquisition.
  • Motivate referral activity with escalating or double-sided rewards.
  • Best-in-class customer service guides you to referral success.

Integration and Ease.  

  • We integrate with all CRMs and DMS platforms.
  •  All programs can be powered from within the incentivefox platform.
Incentivefox Management Platform

Social Media and Lead Generation - Incentivefox


  • 100% your brand, your colors, your photos, even your URL. 
  • DIGITAL: Landing pages and email campaigns focused on driving traffic to your store through specific call-to-actions.
  • TRAINING: Webinar training sessions focused on your team's needs. Turning your employees on to the best practices and benefits of increasing their own referral business. 

Website Lead Conversion

  • Increase website conversion through enticing and interactive experiences to your anonymous website visitors. 
  • Activity-triggered communications increases appointments set and show rates.
  • You can choose to use your custom Visa® Prepaid Card or any of our other low-cost high value digital incentive offers. 
Incntivefox Offer Overlay Website Widget Pop Up

Incentivefox Direct Mail Incenctive Offers

Direct Mail Offer Optimization and tracking. 

  • Track your direct mail hand-raisers
  • Activity-triggered communications keep leads engaged and warmed up. 
  • A powerful reminder offer is sent to warm leads as a showroom visit reinforcer.

Gamification & Engagement

  • Simple and fun reward programs
  • You set optional prizes. 
  • Reloadable technology allows for quick and efficient reward delivery for any of your reward programs.
  • Employee Rewards, goodwill, Contests, Test Drives, Event Promotions and More.
Custom Reloadable Visa Prepaid Incentives
“The ability to pay our customers through their personalized Visa® card not only makes the payout process quicker, but the card is a great marketing tool that the customer is guaranteed to utilize when they receive their reward. Compared to cutting a check for them to deposit into their bank account, it’s a much more unique and effective way in getting our name out - drawing in new customers while also retaining existing ones.”
— Nora Baird, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet