Transform the way you collect and manage referrals, retention and recognition. 

Incentivefox allows you to create constant customer and employee engagement in one centralized place where you can effectively build and manage your incentive offers and marketing efforts together. With Incentivefox, it's easy to see your top employees, brand advocates and make better informed decisions. 

Incentivefox Solutions

Collect up to 10x more referrals from your happy customers. 

With Incentivefox's flagship referral solution, you have the tools to drive more referrals through your door, streamline the previously out-dated process and allow your sales team to engage advocates and sell more vehicles.

  • Automate the referral process by tracking customer lead generation to closed deal.
  • View advocate information for sales to pre-qualify referrals and get a warm introduction.
  • Input verbal referrals directly into the platform to reduces barriers for advocates.
  • Activity-triggered communications keep advocates engaged and referring.
  • Over 80% of our client's referral leads are submitted on-the-go through their feature rich smartphone app
  • Remove operational hassles and improve marketing and accounting productivity.
  • Improve program performance with insight on sales team leaders to customer acquisition.
  • Motivate referral activity with escalating or double-sided rewards.
  • Best-in-class customer service guides you to referral success.

Turn your anonymous website visitors into store visitors with engaging offers.

Offer Overlay Technology turns your website into a lead generating machine and keeps your leads in-house. 

  • Double your website leads with a powerful, enticing CALL-TO-ACTION.
  • Activity-triggered communications increases appointments set and show rates.
  • You can choose to use your custom Visa® Prepaid Card or any of our other low-cost high value digital incentive offers. 
  • Use A/B testing to discover which offers your customers respond most to.
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Incentivefox Direct Mail Incenctive Offers

Improve your direct mail programs with offer optimization and digital tracking.

Meet Traditional meets Digital. Your VIP Test Drive Program

  • Track your direct mail hand-raisers
  • Activity-triggered communications keep leads engaged and warmed up. 
  • A powerful reminder offer is sent to warm leads as a showroom visit reinforcer.

An uncomparable incentive offer.

Become the talk of the town when you utilize a company branded reloadable Visa Prepaid Card to power all of your incentive offers.

With reloadable technology that allows for quick and efficient customers and employees rewards, referrals, goodwill, contests, test drive, event promotions and more. This reward surprises and delights customers over and over again while saving you money and time.


Custom Reloadable Visa Prepaid Incentives

Incentivefox Management Platform

Manage all of your retention, referral and recognition offers in one place. 

The Incentivefox platform is your one-stop-shop for employee rewards, event promos, promotional offers, point-of-sale closing offers, bebacks, goodwill, and contests.


Engage your customers via familiar channels.

DIGITAL: Landing pages and email campaigns focused on driving traffic to your store through specific call-to-actions.

TRAINING: Webinar training sessions turn your employees on to the best practices and benefits of increasing their own referral business. 

Social Media and Lead Generation - Incentivefox
“The ability to pay our customers through their personalized Visa® card not only makes the payout process quicker, but the card is a great marketing tool that the customer is guaranteed to utilize when they receive their reward. Compared to cutting a check for them to deposit into their bank account, it’s a much more unique and effective way in getting our name out - drawing in new customers while also retaining existing ones.”
— Nora Baird, Jeff Gordon Chevrolet