The Incentivefox Referral Marketing program allows you to streamline all of your referral efforts.

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The Incentivefox team creates a custom promotional campaign across all of your channels to empower your customers to become your most powerful sales channel.

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Supercharge your promotions with an enticing incentive that customers actually want. A company branded, reloadable Visa® Prepaid Card.



Discover your most loyal customers, top performers, and ROI through the Incentivefox Dashboard and power all of your other incentive programs.

More referrals, more revenue.

Results over a 30 day campaign period.


Northeastern Kia

16 Vehicles Sold

$2,570 - Incentivefox Campaign Costs*

$15.77 - Marketing Cost Per Vehicle Sold

$28,800 - Estimated Gross Profit**

Southeastern Chevrolet

21 Vehicles Sold

$4,994 Incentivefox Campaign Costs* 

$12.55 Marketing Cost Per Vehicle Sold

$37,800 Estimated Gross Profit**

Midwestern Lexus

19 Vehicles Sold

$2,485 Incentivefox Campaign Costs*

$13.89 Marketing Cost Per Vehicle Sold

$34,200 Estimated Gross Profit**