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Sell more with less hassle.

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Referrals are 4x more likely to purchase than a web lead.


Referrals have a 25% higher lifetime value.

-DMA and Forrester

Referrals have a 20% higher average order value each year.

-DMA and Forrester

Referrals have a 61% Closing Rate.
Fresh-Ups have a 23% Closing Rate.


Word of Mouth is still the most influential factor in driving purchases.

- Nielsen

Referrals have a 96% CSI, Compared to 73% for Fresh-Ups.


The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.
— Shiv Singh Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Marketing Transformation at Visa

Turn your customers, friends and family into your most effective sales partners.

And Sell More with Less Hassle.

Treat your desk like your own personal business and your customers like family. When you give your customers a great experience and they refer you’ve now tapped into a priceless well of potential leads. Referred customers are between four and five times more likely to refer additional new customers.

Your customers will begin working for like your own personal sales channel.

Here's SOME of what you'll Discover:

Tip #1

Why you should have a "RPS" when you start re-focusing on collecting more referrals to your store. 

Tip #2

How to have a reliable, trackable and scalable flow of referrals that converts into clients and customers profitability. 

Tip #3

How to turn your team, customers, friends and family into referral generating machines.


It’s even beyond the track able features, the power of someone bringing out their Personalized Bettenhausen Visa® Prepaid Card at the bar or the store and grabbing someone else’s attention each time is what we really find exciting and beyond valuable. And our top salesperson sold around 340 vehicles last year and he had the MOST referrals in the platform, coincidence? I think not.
— Jack Cochonour, Program Manager
At Howard Buick GMC, total customer satisfaction is our motto. Incentivefox has helped us optimize our greatest marketing tool - our customers and employee’s word of mouth, all in one cohesive platform for rewarding and tracking of referrals.
— Morry Glicksman, GM
Larry H. Miller had high expectations and Incentivefox has helped us achieve all of them. Based on our experience with the team and product, I would recommend Incentivefox to all dealerships who are looking for a way to drive more quality showroom traffic and improve their current customer/employee retention and relationships.
— Johnny Martinez, GM
I think the best thing about the program is the speed and customization of our rewards, it’s much more efficient and exciting than sending a check and it reinforces people to submit more referrals. I’m also extremely excited about the release of the referral lead to sale automation and match technology! The time this program already saves me will be doubled or more.
— Hector Torres, GM
Our customers are just as crucial and special to our business as our vehicles and Incentivefox has helped us keep them happy. My customers enjoy the instant gratification when they receive their rewards asap and there’s nobody who doesn’t love money.
— Kevin Martin, GM