Supercharge your Direct Mail Campaigns with Incentives


We work with your team to develop the right direct mail campaign and deliver the desired results.



We are all about options. Incentivefox can work with your direct mail team or we’ll send out your campaign through our platform.


Once a customer is rewarded in-store or online, you'll begin to gather valuable data that highlights a unique customer persona including vital contact information.

Step 1: Create


Choose YOUR Incentive

Choose the incentive that works best for your audience and program. Your Incentivefox success manager will suggest best practices and the most effective incentives keeping your goals in mind.

Choose Design

We work with your team to create a custom designed mail piece that speaks to your audience.

Success Manager

Your success manager will track your campaign and ensure it is sent out on time and to your selected population.


Step 2: Delivery

Your Team

We work with your team to send out a custom direct mail campaign.

Our Team

Let the Incentivefox team handle your direct mail campaign from start to finish. We design, customize and deliver fresh, exciting promotions.


Step 3: Track



You will be notified when a customer retrieves their online reward or makes a plan to visit your store.


Be in-the-know! Discover how many customers collected rewards and responded to your direct mail campaign.