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Visa is one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the world. Combine your brand and Visa's household name to drive retention, revenue and build better relationships. How can you use Visa Reward Cards to your advantage? 

  1. You're already spiffing your employees in cash or onto their checks. Instead turn your employees into brand advocates when you spiff them onto a company branded card and they bring it around town. It's an unparalleled brand awareness product.

  2. Host Facebook Giveaways and Contests like "Guess the Score" to drive social engagement and customer interactions.

  3. Entice customers to stop in for a test drive and their chance to win anywhere from $5 - $1,000 when you order cards for event promotions.

  4. Use your reward cards for goodwill incidents at your dealership.

  5. As point-of-sale closing tactics and offers.

  6. Reward customers for referrals.

  7. Increase test drives with an enticing offer that can be used anywhere VISA is accepted within the U.S.


Incentive Solutions

Fit for You.

Say Goodbye to Checks

Did you know Bank of America estimates that a business check can cost an aggregate of $4 to $20, based on the price of the check and shipping, plus the time employees spend writing, mailing, collecting and reconciling the check. 


Custom Branded to Your Company

Create an unparalleled branding opportunity and piece that fits your brand and company.

5x7 Greeting Card Carrier

Cards come in a unique sized envelope with your company name on them that help them stand out in the mail. 

Sent First Class

Incentivefox handles the complete fulfillment of your reward cards, they are sent first class to your customer.

24/7/365 Customer Support

Your customer has access to their transactions and card services everyday of the year.


Don't make your customer wait for another check or gift card in the mail with prepaid cards, you can reload funds right onto the card in their wallet.


Card reloads occur within 24 and 48 hours of your reward submission.

Run Multiple Reward Campaigns with One Card

Interested in service rewards, employee spiffs, contests, referrals, customer engagement, test drives or direct mail and want to track them all? We've got you covered. Click here to learn more about all our available programs. 

Reporting and Analytics

What are you rewarding for most? Which loyalty solutions are increasing customer retention and your revenue.

Automatic Update Emails

Your customers will receive automatic update emails about their reward card status. 

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