How it Works

Transforming your customers into your most powerful sales channel.


Your program goes live with invites.

Every month we remind your customers, friends, family, local organizations and employees about your referral program and their chance to earn. All they need to do is fill out their referral's information. 

Your sales team will also learn how to properly ask and promote your referral program to help them grow their own business, expotentially. 

Incentivefox Email Invite


Your customers help you grow.

With an enticing offer and simple-to-use referral process, your customers refer their friends, family, and colleagues to your store, which results in warm leads from your most reliable source - your customers.

customer referral incentivefox


We notify you of your new lead. 

We'll deliver warm leads to your phone, inbox, CRM, and dashboard so that you can quickly start conversations with your new warm leads.  You also be able to track:

  • Brand advocates
  • Top employees
  • Key performance indicators

Then optimize your referral program and incentive offers to boost brand awareness and drive revenue. 

Incentivefox Track and Manage Rewards


We'll inform you of a successful pending referral match.

We'll let you know when a successful referral lead has turned into a sale through our lead-to-sale® match technology. With just two clicks you can confirm reward fulfillment. 

Your customers will receive email updates about their reward status throughout their rewarding process. 

Incentivefox Reward Updates


You'll gain invaluable insight.

Turn your insight into action with quantifiable and actionable reporting and results that have previously been untrackable. You can improve customer & prospect engagement by tracking their interactions with your brand and team.


Build Better Relationships

“At Howard Buick GMC, total customer satisfaction is our motto. Incentivefox has helped us optimize our greatest marketing tool - our customers and employee’s word of mouth, all in one cohesive platform for rewarding and tracking of referrals.”
— Morry Glicksman, GM